Akamba Aid was founded by Denis Cannon, of Norton, after a visit to Kenya in 1999.   It is an independent charitable trust with the aim of enabling the poorest rural communities in Eastern Kenya to have the essentials of life.   The name is taken from the Akamba tribe, which is the fifth largest of the forty tribes in Kenya.   The Akamba number around two million who inhabit the mainly Eastern Province of the country, which is an extremely arid part of the world.   The local people are descended from hunter pastoralists, no longer nomadic, but totally reliant on their few goats, cattle, chicken and a little land to provide for their families.   The Fund assists hundreds of families with affordable healthcare and education, as well as setting up community self-help groups enabling them to use their own land and resources more effectively.   The parishes support the Akamba Aid Fund in various ways.   See Diary for events.

http://www.akamdaaidfund.org provides more information on the work of the Akamba Aid Fund



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