A new initiative was started in 2016.   Called ‘Sunday Seekers’ it aimed to interest all ages, from grandchildren to grandparents, with a variety of activities that would lead into, and contribute towards, an All-Age Worship Service in Norton Church.

Beginning at 10.30am on a Sunday with an 11.15am All-Age Family Worship, there are refreshments and things to participate in of a craft and educational nature associated with the theme of the Sunday Service.

The opening session on Palm Sunday, 20th March, saw the making of palm branches and all kinds of banners, which were brought into a Service when The Reverend Richard Terrell wore donkey’s ears and told ‘The Donkey’s Tale’.


The May session was on Pentecost (Whit Sunday), with the making of flame headbands, doves and wind spirals and ‘Martha and Mary’ were the subjects on 17th July, when participants considered whether, in their lives, they were more ‘listeners’ than ‘doers’ and wore either ‘ears’ or ‘hands’.   September (18th) will see a consideration of ‘The Shrewd Manager’ (Luke 16:1-13), while November (20th) will be ‘Christ the King’.

The Sunday Seekers is designed for all ages.   It is not intended solely for ‘children’.   We are not doing something ‘for the children’ but something ‘with them’.   So it is hoped that the initial success of the project will be maintained.

Recently there has been a change in the format.   During 2017 the Seekers will be going directly to the Church for an All Age Worship Service at the earlier time of 11am.   The next meeting is on Sunday 16th July when the theme will be ‘The Sower’.   During the remainder of 2017 the Sunday Seekers will be meeting on the first Sunday of odd months:-   3rd September and 5th November.


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