The Norton Festival of Gardens took place in 2016.   Three, four or five gardens were ‘clustered’ on various Sundays during the season.   Visitors were within a comfortable walking distance of all the gardens and had time to appreciate the efforts of the host.   On each Sunday one of the gardens served Cream Teams and hosted an ‘@ 4’ event.   The latter, performed by local artists, was either music, poetry, a talk or demonstration.   The Hosts enjoyed showing visitors around their garden and full details were published in The Norton Festival of Gardens Programme.

The gardens opened on Sundays from 2.30pm until 5pm:-   5th June – Church Lane area;   19th June – Higher Street area;   26th June – Great Street and New Road area;   3rd July – Higher, Great and Little Street area;   10th July – Highwoods Close area;   24th July – New Road area;   31st July – Broadmead Lane area;   7th August – Little Street, Rectory Lane area;   28th August – Little Norton area;   11th September – Great Street, New Road, area.

The ‘@ 4’ entertainment included:-   Songs and piano with Jenny Hillman and Chris Denman;   School Musicians with Jamie Caswell;   Accordion with Cilla Caswell;   String Ensemble;   Two Flutes with Cilla Caswell & Daisy Tostevin;   Songs and Poems with Grace and Kenneth Dives;   Willow Weaving with Sophia Campbell;   Keyboard with Dale Parsons;   Poems and songs with John Forrest;   Guitar with Charles Seaton and the Chiselborough Handbell Ringers.

The Festival raised £4408.70 and no expenses were claimed by anyone for anything so the total receipts were equally divided:-   The Triangle Trust £2204.35 and Norton Parish Church General Fund £2204.35

5th June - Garden 1


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