Each week The Reverend Richard Terrell reflects
upon the biblical reading
from The Common Worship Lectionary
that is used in local churches


Reading for 19th July – Proper 11
Matthew chapter 13 verses 24-30, 36-43

The Parable of the Weeds


One of the biggest enemies of a good garden are weeds. They rob the soil of the nutrients that help plants to grow. They will choke the plants we would rather grow.

In the reading from Matthew chapter 13 Jesus told a parable about weeds and how to tackle them. But as with all parables there was a meaning behind the story which the disciples asked Him to explain.

Jesus said that while the seed represented the good things in the world and the weeds the evil things we must not be over-enthusiastic at rooting out the weeds but to ultimately leave that to God. When the times comes it will be He who finally gets rid of the weeds. In the meantime we must concentrate on doing what God wants us to do – that is, to produce good fruit.

As Christians, whenever we see someone whose life and ideas need to be ‘uprooted’ we shouldn’t rush for the hoe or the weed killer, but be assured that the ultimate judgement will be made by God. In the fullness of time He will sort the bad from the good. God will get rid of the weeds but gather the good plants into His harvest store.


as we remember the Parable of the Weeds, help us to be tolerant of one another, to focus on doing Your work and to leave the final judgment to You so that, at the end of time, our lives may be judged to have produced a good harvest and we shall be gathered into Your heaven barn. Amen


Reading for 26th July – Proper 12
Matthew chapter 13, verses 31-33, 44-52

Parables of Growth


In our reading, from Matthew chapter 13, Jesus uses mustard seed and yeast to describe the growth of the gospel and the kingdom of heaven.   From both a mustard seed and a tiny amount of yeast bigger things emerge.

Jesus also referred to the gospel of the kingdom of heaven as being like the discovery of a pearl of great price.   No amount of effort would be spared to ensure its acquisition.

The ‘net’ of the kingdom, said Jesus, is spread far and wide but, as fishermen will know, there is a time of judgement.   The good fish are put into baskets but the bad are thrown back into the sea.   So it will be at the end of time.

The ministry of Jesus started in a very small way with twelve men in an obscure corner of Galilee.   But it spread throughout the world.   Just as a small amount of yeast affects the entire loaf, so the influence of Jesus’s disciples has affected the entire world.

When we accept Christ, He grows in our hearts and changes us from the inside out.   As the gospel changes lives, it changes the entire world.   We may think ourselves as being small but we are essential to revealing such a priceless pearl as the kingdom.


as we remember the Parables of Jesus, help us to remember that you can take the little things we offer and make them acceptable in the kingdom of heaven. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen


Reading for 2nd August – Proper 13
Matthew chapter 14 verses 12-21

Jesus feeds a multitude of people


The reading from Matthew chapter 14 spoke about satisfying the hunger of a large number of people.   We call it ‘The Feeding of the Five Thousand’ but that didn’t include the number of women and children who were present.

Jesus and His disciples had tried to get away from the crowds who followed Him by getting into a boat and going to a deserted place.   But people sought out Jesus wanting Him to heal and to teach them.

People began to get hungry.   The disciples wanted Jesus to send the people away to get food but were told that they must provide the food.   After a while they reported back to Jesus that five loaves of bread and two small fish was all they could find.

Jesus told everyone to sit down on the grass.   He took the loaves and fish, looked up to heaven and gave thanks.   Then He gave food to the disciples to distribute to the people and everyone had their hunger satisfied.   There was even twelve baskets of left-overs!

When we give what we have to God, he can take it, bless it, and do more than we could ever imagine.   Even though we may not have very much, little becomes much when it is placed in God’s hands.


as we remember today the feeding of the multitude help us to remember that you can always take whatever little things we offer to you and make them become big and valuable in the service of the kingdom. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen


Worshippers confined to their homes due to coronavirus can be part of Virtual Church worship provided by the media.

Religious broadcasts are regularly available

on the radio and television:-
BBC SOMERSET at 8am on Sunday
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BBC ONE tv Sunday Morning Worship usually at 10.45am but may vary
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Check Broadcasting Schedules for up to date timings and details


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